Welcome to Young Days Christian Academy

Young Days Christian Academy opened in September of 1991 as a community outreach program of East Lake United Methodist Church. Our preschool program was designed to enhance young children’s natural desire to learn and to provide a secure, caring and enriched environment that promotes learning and the development of the whole child. We believe that the development of the whole child combines creativity, independent choices, and guided experiences, which allow the child to grow and blossom.
Our educational philosophy is based on Jean Piaget’s approach, “Play as You Learn”. Child participation, interaction, hands on activities and secure relationships with responsive and respectful adults provide the basis for all learning. Children develop a capacity of trust, competence and independence that helps them grow as students and people.
While Young Days is a ministry of East Lake United Methodist Church, our program does not indoctrinate children in specific Methodist beliefs. Children will attend chapel, celebrate Christian holidays, and be encouraged to develop Christian values.
We use a curriculum called Wee Learn, which is theme and faith based. For over 20 years Young Days Christian Academy has been a leader in early childhood education within our community. We have seen hundreds of children pass through our preschool on the way to amazing school experiences. We hear to their successes and strive to be on the cutting edge of Preschool Education as each new generation arrives.