Where do I park?
We have ample spaces in our parking lot with plenty of handicapped spaces. There are also spaces along the buildings facing Tanglewood Trail. Our first time visitors are invited to park in our visitor spaces. 
What do I do when I get there?
You are welcome to enjoy a cup of coffee in the courtyard. You may mingle, take a look around or visit our Welcome Center. There you will find information and may ask questions. 
Where is the nursery?
The nursery is located in the Fellowship Hall Building. Infants through toddlers are welcome to play in the nursery while you enjoy worship. 
Where can I go if I have questions?
We invite everyone to visit the Welcome Center to pick up new information, ask questions or visit. You may also ask any one of our greeters or ushers for special needs or questions. 
Where is the Sanctuary?
We have three buildings on campus: the Fellowship Hall, the Sanctuary and the Education Building. The Sanctuary has a steeple on the top and a set of glass double doors on each side. 
Where should I sit?
You are invited to sit anywhere you feel comfortable. 
Is someone going to call on me in worship?
No one will point you out, however if you want more information visit the Welcome Center for a welcome packet. We also ask that you sign in on a welcome card. Your information is confidential. 
Am I welcome to take communion?
All are invited to participate in Holy Communion. The United Methodist Church believes that communion is God’s holy meal and the bread and juice are symbols of God’s love for us. We celebrate communion on the first Sunday of the month. 
How can I tithe or make an offering?
East Lake United Methodist Church offers several ways to donate to the kingdom. You can make your offering or tithe during the church service or donate securely online using your checking account, savings account or credit card. A $1 processing fee is included in all online transactions. Credit card processing is an optional 2.75%. To make an offering click here.