What is Hearts & Hammers?
Our mission is to use our time and talent to meet the needs of those around us and to share the love of Jesus. We will perform household repairs for those with physical limitations and for those in financial need. For those who can afford to buy materials, we will provide labor at no charge.
What Services are provided?
This ministry team will do minor household repair such as simple plumbing, carpentry and electrical repairs (leaky faucets and drains, malfunctioning toilet, switches, outlets and lights); install safety bars and towel racks in baths and showers; build handicap ramps; and diagnosing maintenance issues and helping with affordable solutions, etc.
How to request service? … Do one of the following:
● Download the Request for Service Form and the Release Form, complete them and return them to the church office.
● Send an email to the Caregiving Ministry.
● Speak to  church office at 727-784-9250 or contact Caregiving coordinator Margie Marks at (727) 786-0005.
What is the process after I request service?
● We evaluate the request, including a 2 person home visit to review the work
● We share our evaluation with the person submitting the request. We might not be able to handle all requests – for example, some might be too complex or not match our ministry’s mission
● We assign a work crew
● We schedule the work
● We purchase supplies
● We perform the work
How can I help?
● If you would like to volunteer, download the Volunteer Form and the Release Form; sign each one and return them to the church office.
● You can email Gene Watson or call him at 727-785-7157.
● You can donate any of these items: Storage space for supplies, tools and equipment (off church campus).
* Financial support: (make check to ELUMC with a memo of Hearts & Hammers and drop it off to the church office.*