Our regular school hours are 9:00 am to 12:00 pm.  Children may stay until 1:00 pm for Lunch Bunch or Stay and Play until 2:00 pm.  Both programs are an additional charge. See the Tuition and Fees for amounts. We provide two, three and five day programs.

2 Year Old
2 days per week
3 days per week
5 days per week
3 Year Old
2 days per week
3 days per week
5 days per week
VPK (Voluntary Prekindergarten) 4 Year Old
3 days per week
5 days per week

Our Terrific TWO’S – 2 years old to 3 years old
Our curriculum emphasizes language development to help children turn their
thoughts into words and sentences. Children at this age have so much to share and
they are just beginning to understand group play and how to communicate their
thoughts with words. Our program encourages independence and growth. The daily
schedule allows time for group learning and individual experiences. Our program
                                                                  offers a wide variety of experiences to engage your child                                                                 and prepare them to be successful academically and socially.

Preschool – 3 years old to 4 years old
Our program uses a Christian-based Curriculum (Wee-Learn) and also incorporates
age appropriate math, literacy, science, social science, art and music. The
classrooms have learning centers which the children are able to explore, play and
                                     learn. Teachers supplement these experiences with small and large group experiences                                              that will allow for them to be successful academically and socially.

                 V.P.K. 4 years old to 5 years old (Child has to be 4 by September 1st)
  Our V.P.K. Program uses a Christian-based Curriculum (“Wee Learn”) and other
curriculum that incorporates math, early literacy – (pre-reading and writing as
each child keeps a journal), science, social science, art and music. Our programs
                 are geared towards getting the children ready for Kindergarten and to develop a love for learning.