• TIME-use wisely and budget to fulfill God’s plan.
  • HEALTH-present your body and renew your mind as offerings to God.
  • TALENTS-use wisely and you will be better able to serve God and your neighbors.
    (Spirit Gifts Assessment)
  • RELATIONSHIPS-with those at home, work and church are a gift from God.
  • PROPERTY-we bring nothing into the world and take nothing out.
The goal for Christian giving is 10% of one’s income. At East Lake, we recognize that we must grow in the spirit of giving just as we do in other areas of discipleship. We do hold up the Biblical standard of the tithe and encourage people to move toward it prayerfully and intentionally. At the same time, we praise God for all the gifts that are received into our ministry, both large and small, and we believe giving is a very personal matter of faith and commitment. To make an offering, click here.